Mail  Merge Certificate

Mail merge create letters, certificates, and labels

In Microsoft Excel : Keep your data ready in tabular formate

In Microsoft Word Prepare you certificate

You can download the template for practice

Step 1: Open the Word file of your Template and click on Mailings > Start Mail Merge

Step 2 Click on Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard

Step 3 Click on Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard and select Letters

Use the Current document

Browse to select the file of contact list

Select the file from the directory

Select the contacts

In the document you will need to click where you would like to insert a field, and then on the Mailings tab and select Insert Merge Field and choose the field you would like to insert. 

Check to make sure that you are happy with the result by clicking on Preview Results from the Mailings tab. See example on the following page. 

Print the document and select Microsoft print to PDF 

Save the PDF file to Directory 

Verify the Certificate