Free eBook for ML

  1. The Elements of Statistical Learning

  2. Introductory Time Series with R

  3. A Beginner’s Guide to R

  4. Data Structures and Algorithms with Python

  5. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

  6. Principles of Data Mining

  7. Computer Vision

  8. Data Mining

  9. Robotics, Vision and Control

  10. Statistical Analysis and Data Display

  11. Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering

  12. Stochastic Processes and Calculus

  13. Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator

  14. Clinical Data Analysis on a Pocket Calculator

  15. The Data Science Design Manual

  16. An Introduction to Machine Learning

  17. Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting

  18. Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data

  19. Linear Algebra Done Right

  20. Linear Algebra

  21. Algebra

  22. Understanding Analysis

  23. Understanding Statistics Using R

  24. An Introduction to Statistical Learning

  25. Statistical Learning from a Regression Perspective

  26. Robotics

  27. Regression Modeling Strategies

  28. A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics

  29. The Python Workbook

  30. Machine Learning in Medicine — a Complete Overview

  31. Introduction to Data Science

  32. Applied Predictive Modeling