1. Introduction

Machine Learning

This approach allows:

  • Machine to learn from the data same as how human learns from their experiences. The main objective of machine learning is to allow computers to learn automatically.

  • software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so.

  • Machine learning algorithms use historical data as input to predict new output values.


Recommendation engines are a common use case for machine learning. Other popular uses include fraud detection, spam filtering, malware threat detection, business process automation (BPA) and predictive maintenance.

Important of Machine Learning


  • It gives enterprises a view of trends in customer behavior and business operational patterns, as well as supports the development of new products.

  • Many of today's leading companies, such as Facebook, Google and Uber, make machine learning a central part of their operations.

  • Machine learning has become a significant competitive differentiator for many companies.