Vocabulary Test 1

1. disheveled appearance: (a) untidy; (b) fierce, (c) foolish,

(d) peculiar, (e) unhappy

2. a baffling problem: (a) difficult, (b) simple, (c) puzzling,

(d) long, (e) new

3. lenient parent: (a) tall, (b) not strict, ( c) wise, ( d) foolish,

(e) severe

4. repulsive personality: (a) disgusting, (b) attractive, (c) nor-

mal, (d) confused, (e) conceited

5. audacious attempt: (a) useless, (b) bold, (c) foolish, (d)

crazy, (e) necessary

6. parry a blow: (a) ward off, {b) fear, (c) expect, (d) invite,

(e) ignore

7. prevalent disease: (a) dangerous, (b) catching, (c) child-

hood, (d) fatal, (e) widespread

8. ominous report: (a) loud, (b) threatening, (c) untrue, (d)

serious, (e) unpleasant

9. an -incredible story: (a) true, (b) interesting, (c) well-

known, (d) unbelievable, (e) unknown

10. an ophthalmologist: (a) eye doctor, (b) skin doctor, (c) foot

doctor, (d) heart doctor, (e) cancer specialist

11. will supersede the old law: (a) enforce, (b) specify penalties

for, (c) take the place of, (d) repeal, (e) continue

12. an anonymous donor: (a) generous, (b) stingy, (c) well-

known, (d) one whose name is not known, (e) reluctant

13. performed an autopsy: (a) examination of living tissue, (b)

examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death, ( c)

process in the manufacture of optical lenses, (d) operation to

cure an organic disease, ( e) series of questions to determine

the causes of delinquent behavior

14. an indefatigable worker: (a) well-paid, (b) tired, (c) skill-

ful, (d) tireless, (e) pleasant

15. a confirmed atheist: (a) bachelor, (b) disbeliever in God,

( c) believer in religion, ( d) believer in science, ( e) priest

16. endless loquacity: (a) misery, (b) fantasy, (c) repeti-

tiousness, ( d) ill health, ( e) talkativeness

17. a glib talker: (a) smooth, (b) awkward, ( c) loud, ( d)

friendly, (e) boring '

18. an incorrigible optimist: (a) happy, (b) beyond correction or

reform, (c) foolish, (d) hopeful, (e) unreasonable

19. an ocular problem: (a) unexpected, (b) insoluble, (c) vis-

ual, (d) co!ltinual, (e) imaginary

20. a notorious demagogue: (a) rabble-rouser, (b) gambler, (c)

perpetrator of financial frauds, ( d) liar, ( e) spendthrift

21. a naive attitude: (a) unwise, (b) hostile, (c) unsophis-

ticated, ( d) friendly, (e) contemptuous

22. living in affluence: (a) difficult circumstances, (b) countrified

surroundings, (c) fear, (d )wealth, (e) poverty

23. in retrospect: (a) view of the past, (b) artistic balance, (c)

anticipation, (d) admiration, (e) second thoughts

24. a gourmet: (a) seasoned traveler, (b) greedy eater, (c) vege-

tarian, (d) connoisseur of good food, (e) skillful chef

25. to simulate interest: (a) p~etend, (b) feel, (c) lose, (d) stir

up, (e) ask for

26. a magnanimous action: (a) puzzling, (b) generous, (c)

foolish, (d) unnecessary, (e) wise

27. a clandestine meeting: (a) prearranged, (b) hurried, (c) im-

portant, (d) secret, (e) public

28. the apathetic citizens: (a) made up of separate ethnic groups,

(b) keenly vigilant of their rights, (c) politicalJy conservative,

( d) indifferent, uninterested, uninvolved, -( e) terrified

29. to placate his son: (a) please, (b) help, (c) find a job for,

(d) make arrangements for, (e) change a feeling of hostility

to one of friendliness


30. to vacillate continually: (a) avoid, (b) swing back and forth

in indecision, ( c) inject, ( d) treat, ( e) scold

31. a nostalgic feeling: {a) nauseated, (b) homesick, (c) sharp,

(d) painful; (e) delighted

32. feel antipathy: (a) bashfulness, (b) stage fright, (c) friend-

liness, (d) hostility, (e) suspense

33. be more circumspect: (a) restrained, (b) confident, (c) cau-

tious, ( d) honest, ( e) intelligent

34. an intrepid fighter for human rights: (a) fearless, (b) elo-

quent, (c) popular, (d) experienced, (e) famous

35. diaphanom. material: (a) strong, (b) sheer and gauzy, (c)

colorful, (d) expensive, (e) synthetic

36. a taciturn host: (a) stingy, (b) generous, (c) disinclined to

conversation, (d) charming, (e) gloomy

37. to malign his friend: (a) accuse, (b) help, (c) disbelieve,

{d) slander, (e) introduce

38. a congenital deformity: (a) hereditary, (b) crippling; (c)

slight, (d) incurable, (e) occurring at or during birth

39. a definite neurosis: (a) plan, (b) emotional disturbance, (c)

physical disease, ( d) feeling of fear, ( e) allergic reaction

40. made an unequivocal statement: (a) hard to understand, (b)

lengthy, (c) politically motivated, (d) clear and forthright,

( e) supporting

41. vicarious enjoyment:

(a) complete, (b) unspoiled, (c) occurring from a feeling of identification with another, (d)long-continuing, ( e) temporary

42. psychogenic ailment:

(a) incurable, (b) contagious, (c)originating in the mind, (d) intestinal, (e) imaginary

43. an anachronous attitude:

(a) unexplainable, (b) unreasonable, {c) belonging to a different time, (d) out of place,

(e) unusual

44. her iconoclastic phase:

(aj artistic, (b) sneering at tradition, (c) troubled, (d) difficult, (e) religious

45. a tyro:

(a) dominating personality, (b) beginner, (c) accomplished musician, (d) dabbler, (e) serious student

46. a laconic reply: (a) immediate, (b) assured, (c) terse and

meaningful, ( d) unintelligible, ( e) angry

47. semantic confusion: (a) relating to the meaning of words,


(b) pertaining to money, (c) having to do with the emotions,

(d) relating to mathematics, (e) caused by inner turmoil

48. cavalier treatment: (a) courteous, (b) haughty and high-

handed, (c) negligent, (d) affectionate, (e) expensive

49. an anomalous situation: (a) dangerous, (b) intriguing, (c)

unusual, ( d) pleasant ( e) unhappy

50. posthumous child: (a) cranky, (b) brilliant, (c) physically

weak, (d) illegitimate, (e) born after the death of the father

51. feels enervated: (a) full of ambition, (b) full of strength, (c)

completely exhausted, (d) troubled, (e) full of renewed


52. shows perspicacity: (a) sincerity, (b) mental keenness, (c)

love, (d) faithfulness, (e) longing

53. an unpopular martinet: (a) candidate, (b) supervisor, (c)

strict djsciplinarian, (d) military leader, (e) qiscourteous w~ .

54. gregarious person: (a) outwardly calm, (b) very sociable,

(c) completely untrustworthy, (d) vicious, (e) self-effacing

and timid

55. generally phlegmatic: (a) smug, self-satisfied, (b) easily

pleased, (c) nervous, high-strung, (d) emotionally unrespon-

sive, ( e) lacking in social graces

56. an inveterate gamblet: (a) impoverished, (b) successful, (c)

habitual, (d) occasional, (e) superstitious

57. an egregious error: (a) outstandingly bad, (b) slight, (c) ir-

reparable, (d) unnecessary, (e) deliberate

58. cacophony of a large city: (a) political administration, (b)

crowded living conditions, (c) cultural advantages, (d) un-

pleasant noises, harsh sounds, ( e) busy traffic

59. a prurient adolescent: {a) tall and gangling, (b) sexually

longing, {c) clumsy, awkward, (d) sexually attractive, (e)


60. uxorious husband: (a) henpecked, (b) suspicious, {c) guilty

of infidelity, (d) fondly and foolishly doting on his wife, (e)

tightfisted, penny-pinching