Computer Programming Lab

Lab-1 (Login to Server and Linux Commands)

Step1: Below screenshot shows the search box in windows OS Hope page, Please click you mouse pointer there.

Step 2: Type run on the search box as per the below screenshot.

You can get Run Box using Window +R as well.

Step 3: Click On the Run Application

Step 4: Once Clicking on Run Application, you will get Run Box

Step 5: Type telnet on Run text box.

Step 6: After Clicking the OK or Pressing Enter on Run Box, the Telnet login window will display like left screenshot.

Step 7: Enter your ID No. in Upper Case and Press Enter

Step 8: Enter your Password and while Entering Password it won't be display to you.

Step 9: After Entering Password You Have Successfully Login To Your Account.

Now time to write the Linux command and please go ahead like the below screenshot and

Required Lab Sheets for Lab1(Please follow the instruction provided by the Instructor.

1. LAB1 - Essential commands in Linux Environment.pdf