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Ram Krishn Mishra (aka: R.K. Mishra) currently affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus, and in-depth about him, he is an Inquisitive, energetic computer science specialist skilled in research and development, with a strong foundation in mathematics, logic, cross-platform coding and has the determination to get the jobs done as proven by varied work experiences in academics and machine learning projects. Enthusiastically involved in research and development in the areas of machine learning, recommender system, and data analytics.

Research Areas:

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Recommender Systems

  • Machine Learning

  • Forecasting, and Prediction


  • Concepts: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Database, Web Technology

  • Technical: TF-IDF, Word2Vec, SpaCy, Text Analysis, Knowledge Representation, Linear Regression, Support Vector Machine, K-Means Clustering, Random Forest, CNN, RNN, LSTM, Image and Video Analysis - Facial Expression and Gesture Recognition

  • Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python3

  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB

  • Web Technology: JavaScript, JSP and Servlet, PHP

  • Other Strengths: Teamwork, Meticulous, Analytical, Multi-Tasking, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving

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