• OCaml stand for Objective CAML ( Categorical Abstract Machine Language)

  • Developed by INRIA, in 1996.

  • Why OCaml?

    • It’s Great for Compilers I’ve written compilers in C++, Python, Java, and OCaml, and it’s much easier in OCaml.

    • It’s Succinct Would you prefer to write 10 000 lines of code or 5 000?

    • Its Type System Catches Many Bugs It catches missing cases, data structure misuse, certain off-by-one errors, etc. Automatic garbage collection and lack of null pointers makes it safer than Java.

    • Lots of Libraries All sorts of data structures, I/O, OS interfaces, graphics, support for compilers, etc.

    • Lots of Support Many websites, free online books and tutorials, code samples, etc.



On macOS OCaml and/or OPAM can be installed via the existing third-party package systems.

brew install ocaml

brew install opam

For Other OS follow the link :-